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Björn Dobbertin and Finance Senator Dr. Andreas Dressel

The Rathauspassage Hamburg is a social enterprise in the heart of the City of Hamburg close to the Hamburg city hall. We were founded over 20 years ago and have been committed to more equal opportunities, sustainability and the fight against poverty and unemployment since then. Our main focus is on the qualification and further training of people who are disadvantaged in the general labor market. We believe in indivisible human dignity and want to help our employees and their families to find their way to a self-determined life.

After sustaining water damage at our location a few years ago, we had to decide whether to shut down our project or move on and rebuild this unique social lighthouse. Currently there is an ongoing fundraising campaign to finance the renovation of the Rathauspassage Hamburg. The technically demanding conversion costs over 4.4 million Euros (5.35 million US Dollars or 3.8 million Pounds). The Hamburg Senate is carrying over 2.6 million Euros of this conversion. This means, that we still need 1.8 million Euros in donation to build and run this project for the next 30 years.   

Our vision and mission statement

Bishop Kirsten Fehrs

We ask about the causes of poverty, social exclusion and injustice and combat their effects. We do this for Hamburg (1.8 million inhabitants) and the metropolitan region with more than 5.3 million inhabitants. The variety and quality of our offers reflect this vision. We  engage in active dialogue with churches, politics, the business community and civil society – with all partners that support our vision. As an economically strong and sustainable company, we give our employees trust and support.

We practice humanity in a professional and need-oriented way and act as an advocate for socially disadvantaged and marginalized people. As a social enterprise based on Christian-humanistic values, we work towards these goals as an active part of urban society. Integration and social participation are measurable benchmarks for our actions.

Our project

TV chef Tim Mälzer

Cafédrale - restaurant

Really Hanseatic! This is the atmosphere our new restaurant in the Rathauspassage Hamburg will create. "Rundstück Warm", "Labskaus" and "Franzbrötchen" –  all of them local specialties – are an integral part of our menu.


Kehrwieder - bookstore

Those who like cabaret will love the Rathauspassage! A cost-free stage for everyone is just one of our new offers to support the local cultural scene. Antiquarian books and licensed LPs will once again find their place with us.


Hamburg (er)leben - visitor center

The place for everyone who wants to find out more about Hamburg: for Hamburg residents and our visitors. Experience hidden backyards, contemplative places and the slightly different Hamburg not found in most guidebooks. We are the tourist information for everyone who wants to experience Hamburg!


Over 25 people, who were formerly disadvantaged in the general labor market, will have the chance to change their lives and start into a better future.

How to help

Gudrun Stefaniak, Mayor Dr. Peter
Tschentscher, Björn Dobbertin

Donate once
You can help those who need it most with a donation to Rathauspassage Hamburg.

Every donation of 100 Euros or more will be published on the “wall of empathy” in Hamburg and online. Many more advantages await you - be curious.

donation account
Foundation: "MitMenschlichkeit"
Bank: "Hamburger Sparkasse"
IBAN: DE76 2005 0550 1230 1432 55
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